At Two B Fun ...

...we believe that animals can teach us so much. But only if we are open to learn and is we make the time to do so.

...we believe that by working humanely with animals, both animals and humans can unlock their potential to do things they previously thought they could not do.

We aim to give as many people as possible the opportunity to learn and experience the power of living in harmony and balance with their loved ones (both human and animal).



TTouch for Dogs

14 Aug 2016 to 14 Aug 2016

1 Day TTouch workshop for Dogs. Bring your dog and get hands on experience to learn how TTouch can assist with both behavioural and health concerns

This 1 day workshop will cover the principles of TTouch while giving you hands on experience with your dog.

Limited space available so unfortunately, we can't accept reactive dogs for this workshop (please still contact us for a Private consultation)

For more information or to book, contact Tracy at

Bookings close on Wed 10th August.

Cost: R800 per dog  (includes hand outs and wrap)

(only one handler per dog)

Clicker Class Dates

We run our sessions from Solheim, Germiston with a maximum of 2 dogs per session due to space.

As a result, sessions will be booked based on your and our availability on weekends (i.e. they do not always occur 4 weeks in a row). This allows us to attend various seminars and helps you if you have another commitment on a particular weekend.

For more information on the classes, please visit our Classes page.